Real + Nerd + Nirvana = Real Nerdvana

“Nirvana”, a sanskrit word meaning a state of liberation, an indescribable and eternal state of bliss. The place of perfect peace and happiness, like heaven. Likewise, Nerdvana is a transcendent state of total geekdom, the final goal or the highest state of Xtreme Mindgasm that only a true Nerd can attain.

#RealNerdvana –  is an initiative to redefine the Nerds in the society and to eradicate the stereotype view towards Nerd culture. Here the audience of the site and the people behind this website are both nerdy in their own way, which will blow off your mind and make you agree on this that Nerds are super Awesome.

Despite the increased popularity of geek culture – movies based on comic books, videogames, virtual worlds – and the ubiquity of computers, the geek’s close cousin, the nerd, still suffers from a negative stereotype in popular culture. Society needs to change the way it presents and views nerds as socially inept person. People still don’t give that respect and behaviour which the real nerds deserve, instead now-a-days the hipster (fake geek/nerd) who show off too much getting all the attentions and publicity which actually belongs to the – Real Nerds.

We at #RealNerdvana believes that you all have a little nerd inside you.  You just born nerdy and that’s why you have so much curiosity for everything in your childhood, you ask lot of questions, you think, you analyse, you feel the hunger to learn new and complicated things. But as you grow up most of you either yourself leave those traits of curiosity behind, or they get suppressed by the society. You start doubting, you stop questioning, you stop being creative and ultimately you start denying the fact that you were a Nerd.


Honestly, being a nerd is not about what you love. It’s about how you love it. It doesn’t matter what it is. The way you love that, and the way that you find other people who love it the way you do, is what makes you a nerd. You can be a #ScienceNerd #MathsNerd #ComputerNerd #AnimeNerd #ComicNerd #FashionNerd #GeekNerd or any #Nerd. What you all need is to just discover your love and true passion.

If you are reading it, then team #RealNerdvana request you to never lower down the self esteem of nerds, instead support them love them and give them the true friendly environment that they really deserve in the society. If you have any friend/relative/acquaintance who is nerd then let them get over the fear of rejection. Help them in realizing their real potential and the awesomeness about them, who knows in this process you may find out your inner nerd soul as well.

Wil Wheaton – Why it’s Awesome to be a NERD

We all have a little bit of nerd in us here or there; it’s just a matter of finding it. Maybe it’s as simple as watching someone play video games, reading books or watching anime. Believe us, it’s okay to be nerdy!! As our culture changes so will we, and this evolution will help bring out the nerd in each of us. So lets change the perceptive of society, be Nerdy and be Awesome.

Everyone has a little bit of nerd inside them dying to come out. It is inside you too; you just have to
“unleash your inner nerd”

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