Top 10 Desi Indian Superheroes That Will Make You Nostalgic

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If you’re a lover of comic books and superheroes, you should be in heaven right now. There’s no denying that superhero films have become the thing in Hollywood these days. With geek culture on its way to the mainstream, Superhero movies setting the new trends in Hollywood – making it a Nerdywood era.

Marvel is finding such huge success with its cinematic universe surrounding the Avengers. Even Warner Bros and DC have prepared their complete movie sets including standalone films for The Flash, Aquaman and multiple Justice League movies.

But you can’t forget the Desi Indian Superheroes who were insanely famous in the 90’s kids.

Here is the list of top 10 Indian superheroes, which make you reminisce your childhood.

1. A common man who awaken his kundalini (7 chakras)

Super Hero: Shaktimaan
Alter Ego: Pandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar Omkaar Naath Shastri
Powers: Incredible strength, ability to move fast by rapid rotation, ability to control the five elements of nature, telepathy, powerful vision, invisibility and is almost invincible.
Enemies: Tamraj Kilvish(arch enemy), Dr. Jackal, Kapala, Jonk Jonkaa, Kekadaman and ‘Aandhere ke Numainde’.

2. Warrior of the Universe (Brahmaand Ka Yoddha)

Super Hero: Aryamaan
Alter Ego: Aryamaan, the rightful heir to the throne of the Thar Empire.
Powers: Highly trained in fighting skills, special Armour suit, special sword (like Lightsaber).
Enemies: Queen Nasa, Shukrant, Narak and other evil villains.

3. The Sky Warrior


SuperHero: Captain Vyom
Alter Ego: Vyom
Powers: Yogic power of concentration, highly experienced soldier and an expert warrior.
Enemies: 12 criminals who escaped from the intergalactic prison on the moon of Jupiter named Io.
Teja – a megalomaniac alien, Paras – the alchemist, Chhalasur – the illusionist, Mohini – the hypnotist, Durgati – the biologist, Morpha – the shape-shifter, Kineto – the psychic, Sonic – the Lord of soundwaves, Venom – the toxicologist, Gravito – the gravity expert, Computo – the cyborg and Vikaal – the sociopath.

4. Koi Aa Raha Hai Waqt Badalney


Super Hero: Karma
Alter Ego: Karan
Powers: Karma has powers of seven stars. Super speed, super strength, x-ray vision, hear sound from large distances, third eye to locate enemies, climb walls and spinning like tornado.
Enemies: Markesh (arch enemy), Gunshot , Char Sau Chalis, Tilasma, Gilgit and Sonika .

5. A vow to eliminate terrorism from the world


Super Hero: NagRaj
Alter Ego: Raj
Powers: Superhuman strength, poisonous breath, poison-bite, instant healing powers and micro-snakes that come out of his wrists.
Enemies: Uncle Nagpasha (arch enemy), Professor Nagmani, Jaadugar Shakura, Tutan Khamen, Miss Killer, Nagina, Vishandhar, Polka, Vish-Amrit and others.

6. Who needs superpowers to be superhero, all you need is strong will power


Super Hero: Super Commando Dhruv
Alter Ego: Dhruv Mehra
Powers: No inherent superhuman powers, but highly intellectual with good detective skills. Apart from this four other things that define him are star-blades, star-line, utility belt and his special motorbike.
Enemies: Grand Master Robo(arch enemy), Chandakaal, Mahamanav, Dr.Virus, Chumba.

7.  Justice for women in the man’s world


Super Hero: Shakti
Alter Ego: Chanda
Powers: Sense any woman’s pain in the world. She can travel at the speed of light, melt metals and can turn anything to ashes with her third eye.
Enemies: Raj Comics superheroes and those who hurt or make women cry.

8. Survive outside the video game g-one

Super Hero: G-One (technically Good One and in Hindi Jeevan, which means life)
Alter Ego: Shekhar Subramanium
Powers: Infused with powers to fly and fight, can speak different languages.
Enemies: Ra-One (technically Random Access Version One and in Hindi Ravan, a mythical demon).

9. Robinhood for the orphan kids


Super Hero: Mr. India
Alter Ego: Arun Verma
Powers: Invisibility.
Enemies: Mogambo(arch enemy) and his henchmen Daaga and Teja.

10. When you need Jadoo, Dhooop and Bournvita to be a superhero


Super Hero: Krrish
Alter Ego: Krishna Mehra
Powers: Inherits his father’s superhuman abilities by alien jadoo, derived from sunlight. Other powers include superhuman strength, immunity to viruses, superhuman abilities to run, swim, jump and leap.
Enemies: Dr. Siddhant Arya and the evil scientist – Kaal.


I know, this list is not complete. There are more superheroes in our Indian Superhero Universe, worth to mention Raj Comics well-known characters like Bhokal, Doga, Parmanu and Inspector Steel. Wish someday a creative geeky directors of Bollywood would take interest in our Indian comics superheroes and make a movie on them. One should really think on making a movie on alliance of these superheroes like avengers or justice league. It would be really fun to brain storm on the name of such a team consist of desi Indian superheroes.

Suggest what would be a good name for such allaince of Indian Superheroes – may be “Insaaf k Pehredaar”. 😀
If you have to choose which Bollywood hero/heroine would be the best match for each member of this team, comment below. #desiSuperheroes

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